Fees and Insurance

I am an approved provider for a number of managed care organizations and am happy to file a claim for you. Eligibility for reimbursement depends on a number of factors and can be confusing. If you need help checking on coverage, have your insurance card in front of you and call me.

      Currently, my fee is a very affordable $80 per session. This is considerably lower than fees  

      charged by many other local therapists and not much higher than the co-pay many insurance

      companies require. You may choose to self-pay my standard fee.

      If you have no applicable insurance or other sources of reimbursement and are unable to pay

      the full fee, ask about a reduced rate based on income. In order to make counseling affordable

      for as many people as possible, I offer reduced rates to a percentage of my clients.

If you have questions about fees and insurance call me to talk it over.     Teleheallth sessions available

                                                                                                                                                                        during COVID-19

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